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Frequently Asked Questions

      • Is there a variable research to show that CBD oil works on pets?
            [4] Hundreds of studies are being conducted across universities throughout the country, from Cornell to California. Ali Semigran of Ali Semigran of PetMD recently interviewed  veterinarian and owner of VETCBD in California, Dr. Tim Shu. He relayed the following:
            “Cannabis oil can be used to treat seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, symptoms of cancer, and gastrointestinal issues, among other health conditions in dogs.

            • Why should I give my pets CBD oil which is not FDA regulated, as opposed to other medications which are?


            As Dr. Tim Shu states, as with any medication including CBD oil, ALL owners should consult their veterinarians before administering it to their pets. As far as choosing it as opposed to conventional pet medications however he explains, “Unlike some traditional pain medicine for dogs, medical cannabis has no life-threatening side effects with proper dosage, Shu points out. “It doesn’t damage the kidney, liver, or GI tract. The dogs aren’t high or sedated.”


            • How do I administer the CBD oil to my pet?


            Modern Dog recommends using an eyedropper to administer CBD oil for dogs and even adding drops of it to their food.


                        How does CBD oil help in terms of cancer?

            Cancer [1]:  Veterinarian Katherine Kramer of Vancouver Animal Wellness Clinic says that a CBD oil by helped a cat with cancer regain his appetite and normal energy level. The owner weaned the cat off opioids in place of the oil and their cat lived for nearly two more years after it.  


            • How does CBD oil help pets with arthritis and other related aches and pains?


            Arthritis/Aches & Pains [3]: The Boston Globe recently reported on a study by Cornell University published in their 2018 Frontiers in Veterinary Science showed that dogs with osteoarthritis who took CBD oil showed a “significant decrease in pain and increase in activity” with no observed side effects. 


            • What about with behavior issues. How does CBD oil help?


            Behavior Issues [1]: Dogs and cats, especially those either recently moving to or already living in urban environments, experience heightened anxiety levels  can cause dogs anxiety levels to go through the roof. However, CBD oil has been 


            • What are examples of CBD oil improving my pet’s appetite?


            Loss of Appetite [2]: Maria Elles Perez of Florida began administering hemp edibles to her 12-year old rottweiler who was aching with limps and cataracts.  Within a few days, her dog showed up for breakfast and began looking at her owner with her good eye again.


            • Are their any cases of pets with seizures benefitting from it?


            Seizures [2]: Cate Norton of Springfield Vermont maintains that CBD oil has greatly reduced the propensity for her two rottweilers to have seizures within the past 8 months.  


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