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Our Pet Products are so PURE Humans can use them.

Whether at the dog park, community events, or neighborhood barbeques, the topic of CBD for both humans and pets continues to gain increasing popularity. From testimonials on its ability to reduce pet anxiety to aggression, I’ve heard many examples of it acting as an alleviate for animals. 
It is how and why my organization began researching CBD for pets in the first place. 
 Within the past year articles from the​ ​New York Times​ to the​ ​Huffington Post​, have touted CBD as a remedy for arthritis, hand and back pain, stress, and seizures. ​ ​Harvard University​ has published studies commending it as a relevant for chronic pain and inflammation–– two issues notoriously hard to treat with the common pain reliever. 
But where could the average person find such a miracle formula?
Several attempts to purchase high-quality CBD tinctures led me down more than a few (no pun intended) rabbit holes. I came to find that the majority of these formulas were made outside the U.S and lacked in transparency regarding their ingredients. 
So I decided to make a miracle formula of my own. 
Comprised of 50,000 square feet, our U.S. OTC Certified and Organically Grown Certified FDA-regulated facility in Florida makes our formula from scratch. Our “whole-plant” practice extracts “cannabinoids” and “terpenes”  to create what​ ​Scientific American​ calls the “entourage
effect”--- ensuring the maximum medicinal benefits are taken from the plant. As such, it has decreased the inflammations, nausea, anxiety, chronic itch, muscle pain, joint pain and depression of my pets and those of my friends’ and families’. 
We realize that just as humans, each animal is different and each will benefit from our CBD tincture individually. What we can promise however, is that we care very strongly about providing them with a formula that is organic and all-natural..
Most importantly, the CBD we create for your pets is the same we make for humans with the difference determined by the approximate weight and size of each pet. 
We feel that if it is good enough for my dog Apollo and his friends that it is good enough for your own.