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Contact us: 954-417-7168
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Greenaway (Horses) 1500 mg

Greenaway’s formulation was developed specifically for horses.

It is Zero THC formula and will not get your horse high.  It is 100% pure US grown and produced product with no heavy metals or carcinogens.  We NEVER us any ingredients from China.

Greenaway Tincture was developed by Amanda Gallagher. A Maryland horsewoman, inspired by her horse Greenaway Kate to find a calming supplement that would “really work”. Greenaway, an Arabian cross, is a very smart, high energy horse who struggled with anxiety, which led to ulcers and rude behavior in the ring.

Through Greenway’s career Amanda tried several natural products said to “calm horses” and had no luck. After using Starlite Pets Tincture for dogs at home for her dog, Amanda began looking for the right product for her horse. Greenaway's Tincture was then formulated.

Greenaway's Tincture has helped horses with anxiety, high energy, joint pain, inflammation, and helped to increase appetite. Greenaway's Tincture has not only helped to calm Greenaway down, avoiding ulcers and stomach discomfort, but in her old age has also helped with her joint pain from Lyme’s Disease.