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Greenaway's Tincture (Horses) - 1500 mg
Greenaway's Tincture (Horses) - 1500 mg
Greenaway's Tincture (Horses) - 1500 mg
Starlite Pets

Greenaway's Tincture (Horses) - 1500 mg

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Starlite Pets Tincture - 1500 mg

Specifically made for Horses.

product is not available for sale or shipment into California.

1 ml. dropper contains 50 mg of CBD

Inspired by Maryland equestrian Amanda Gallagher, Greenways Tincture was created to act as a calming supplement for horses including her own, Greenaway Kate.
Among her accolades as a smart and high-energy Arabian Cross breed, Greenaway Kate’s struggles with anxiety have led to ulcers and over-aggressive behavior whilst among other horses.
Several failed attempts at using natural products for calming however, have left Gallagher without the proper solution she sought. 
 After experiencing success with Starlite Pets’ tincture for her dog, Amanda began looking for a CBD formula for her horse.  Such led to what is now our available CBD for horses,  Greenaway Tincture.
Greenaway's Tincture has helped increase horses’ appetites, relieved their anxiety, overly high-energy levels, joint pain, and issues with inflammation. Such has not only helped to calm Greenaway Kate down, but it has also been effective in helping her avoid ulcers and stomach discomfort  as a result of Lyme’s Disease in her old age.


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